Citizen Hex

An Ethereum Liquidity Company


The World Computer

In 2014, Vitalik Buterin announced Ethereum to a standing ovation at the Miami Bitcoin conference. Ethereum elevates Bitcoin’s idea of a distributed ledger into something much more profound: a distributed world computer.

While the implications of this platform are largely unknown, we’re convinced that Ethereum is the most powerful technology in the world today.

Citizen Hex:

An Ethereum Liquidity Company

The main beneficiaries of Ethereum adoption will be the crypto-commodities that power it.

Citizen Hex is purpose-built for the Ethereum era: a corporation centred around acquiring, securing, and trading ERC-20 tokens.


HFT on the blockchain

What is the blockchain equivalent of high frequency trading?

Citizen Hex is starting to answer this question with BlockSniper, a proprietary tool for token acquisition and decentralized trading.


Increasing real-world security guarantees

Increasing the cost to attack secrets in the real world is a prerequisite for pooling or accumulating cryptocurrency in any institution.

Citizen Hex is building the world's most secure cold, warm, and hot wallet solutions for token storage.


Token liquidity as a service

As financial engineering becomes accessible to the masses, the number of tokens will grow exponentially.

Citizen Hex is building sophisticated market-making tools to provide token liquidity on decentralized exchanges.

Work with us

We're a team of well-grounded crypto-geeks who like to think deeply about the post-Ethereum world.

We have big ideas, and more importantly, the skills and humility to deliver on them. If you feel like you'd fit in, we'd love to hear from you.

Investors and Mentors

We’d like to thank our investors: VersionOne, OMERS Ventures, Purpose Investments and Three Angels Capital for their support and financial backing.

A special thank you to angel investors Kamal Mansouri and Andrew Dubowec, and to token visionaries Boris Wertz and Jim Orlando.